June 11 ~ 14, 2020

Some news for all of BusFusion attendees:

The Town of Mississippi Mills has granted participants at BusFusion access to showers at the Almonte arena:
Thursday June 6 & Friday June 7 from 8am – 3pm
Saturday June 8 from 9am – 4pm
There will be no access to showers on the Sunday.

This event is happening in Almonte during BusFusion you may want to check it out.


Registration is now closed, all 250 spots have been reserved.  If you have a ticket to sell for whatever reason please visit our Facebook page and announce it there as anyone looking for a ticket will be advised to look there.  Thank you and see you at BusFusion !


AGAIN THIS YEAR, PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY. MAXIMUM 250 BUSES. REGISTRATION CLOSES MAY 15 2019. Click the orange button to register, you will be redirect to eventbrite website or go  https://busfusion2019.eventbrite.ca
Credit cards, interac or cheque payment. Sorry no PayPal.
ENCORE CETTE ANNÉE, PRÉ-INSCRIPTION SEULEMENT. MAXIMUM DE 250 VÉHICULES. VOUS POUVEZ VOUS INSCRIRE JUSQU’AU 15 MAI 2019.Cliquez sur le bouton orange pour vous inscrire, ou allez directement au https://busfusion2019.eventbrite.caCartes de crédit, interac ou chèque. Désolé pas de PayPal.

<a href=”https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/busfusion-2019-registration-51294645666?ref=ebtn” target=”_blank”><img src=”https://www.eventbrite.ca/custombutton?eid=51294645666” alt=”Eventbrite – BusFusion 2019″ /></a>

Don’t forget to send a thank you to the company that provided the door prize you won !  If you don’t know who they are contact me at: busfusion@aol.com   Please support all the great BusFusion Sponsors.




BusFusion 2018 was a resounding success with about 270 registered attendees.  I know there was a 250 bus limit, but that number never included the committee members plus there were a few last minute requests to attend that we just could not refuse like the young couple from Holland travelling the world and were nearby.  Awesome to meet you Mattijs & I forget your partners name. Hope you enjoyed BusFusion it was a pleasure to have you.  Thanks to all the committee members and volunteers for making the event run so smoothly   Thanks to all the Sponsors who provided door prizes and thanks to the weatherman for giving us perfect weather.  Have a good summer and see you all in Almonte next year.  If you have photos to share upload them here.


Frank – BusFusion director



Suite de la réunion de comité organisateur tenue cet automne, voici ce qui a été décidé :

Dates pour 2018 : les 7, 8, 9 et 10 juin

L’Inscription sera limitée à 250 véhicules et ces inscriptions seront faites en pré-inscription seulement sur le site officiel de BusFusion 2018. (Il n’y aura pas d’inscription à la porte).

Le Brew Bus Lounge sera de retour.

Le déjeuner Buritto se teindra le samedi matin.

Le concours «The Coolest Bus» est annulé.

Le tirage des prix de présences sera modifié en conséquence.

250$ sera versé à Derek’s GoFundMe Campaign.


Membres du comité directeur :

Frank Condelli – Directeur, site internet et commandites.

Rita Alanen – Finances et tenue de livre.

Eric Ley – Inscriptions et site internet.

Nelisse Surprenante – Aide à l’inscription

Nancy Engel – Aide à l’inscription

Jean Benoit – Aide à l’inscription et traduction

Jim Wallace – Liaison avec NLAS (North Lanark Agricultrual Society)

Chris Moxen – Aide à la liaison NLAS

Chris Charby – Aide à la liaison NLAS

Mike Cuff –

Jenn Cuff – Parade des “Puppy”

Nicholas Swandel – Supervision tirage 50/50

Bruce McConville – Sécurité

Nancy Wallace Simpson – Coordination de volontaires

Greg et Coleen Potts – Responsables musiques et déjeuner Burrito

Caroline Côté – Activités de teintures et traduction

Tammy Winsor – Actifités des enfants


PS : Nous aurons besoin d’un autre membre du comité pour aider Nancy W.S. et éventuellement la remplacer à la coordination des volontaires.


Nous remercions tous les anciens et nouveaux membres du Comité pour leur aide à l’organisation de la réussite du BusFusion 2018.



BusFusion 2018 – After the fall committee meeting the following have been decided upon.
Dates for 2018 – June 07, 08, 09, 10
Registration will be capped at 250 Buses and Registration is by Pre-Registration only (no registration at the gate) through the website which will be updated shortly.
The Brew Bus Lounge will be back.
Buritto Breakfast has been moved to Saturday morning.
The Coolest Bus contest has been deleted.
Door Prize Draw reorganized to save time.
$250 donated to Derek’s gofundme campaign.
Committee members:
Frank Condelli – Director, website & sponsorship
Rita Alanen – Finances & bookkeeping
Eric Ley – Registration & website
Nellisse Surprenante – Registration helper
Nancy Engel – Registration helper
Jean Benoit – Registration helper
Jim Wallace – NLAS Liason
Chris Moxen – NLAS Liason helper
Chris Charby – NLAS Liason helper
Mike Cuff – T-shirts, Swag & signage
Jenn Cuff – Puppy Parade
Nicholas Swandel – 50/50 supervision
Bruce McConville – Security
Nancy Wallace Simpson – Volunteer coordinator
Greg & Coleen Potts – Music & Burrito Breakfast directors
Caroline Cote – Tye Dye activities & website translation
Tammy Winsor – Children’s activities

We still need one more committee member to help Nancy and eventually take her place as Volunteer coordinator.

Thanks to all previous and new committee members for helping get BusFusion 2018 on the road to success.