June 11 ~ 14, 2020

Busfusion 2010

Busfusion 2010

Monday May 31st is the last day to PRE-REGISTER for BusFusion 2010

Don’t miss out on this year’s special 10th anniversary edition t-shirt.  Free with your pre-registration.

No pre-registration, no t-shirt.  The printers must start working on them Monday if we are to have them in time.

So pre-register now.

So did I say pre-register enough times?  That should keep Mikie happy.  Did anyone notice that the BusFusion.com website was down this past Wednesday morning?  We exceed our limit of 20GB per month of traffic.  I had to bump it up just to get us to the end of the month.  In the last 30 days we have had over 1,322 visitors to our website.  The registration page has been visited 483 times!  Can you imagine if that many Buses showed up at once?  This will be a record year for BusFusion with more Buses and more activities than ever before.  Don’t miss out.  As Mikie would say, PRE-REGISTER TODAY.

Lundi le 31 mai est la DERNIÈRE journée pour se pré-enregistrer à BusFusion 2010

En plus, ne laissez pas passer la chance d’obtenir le T-Shirt édition spéciale 10ème anniversaire du BusFusion 2010. C’est gratuit si vous vous pré-enregistrer !

Pas de pré-enregistrement, pas de T-Shirt… Les imprimeurs doivent commencer à imprimer en début de semaine pour que tout soit prêt à temps, donc pré-enregistrer vous maintenant!

Ai-je dis le mot pré-enregistrer assez de fois ? Ça devrait rendre notre amie Mike Cuff un peu plus joyeux . Avez-vous remarqué que le site de BusFusion.com était non fonctionnel dans la matinée mercredi passé?  Nous avions dépassé la limite mensuelle de 20 gigabytes de transfert de données  qui nous est permise habituellement . Nous avons dû l’augmenter  pour se rendre à la fin du mois. Dans les 30 derniers jours, nous avons eu la visite de 1,322 visiteurs sur le site. La page web pour se pré-enregistrer à été vu 483 fois ! Imaginez si tous ces gens se pointent au rendez-vous en même temps à Almonte, on va battre un record annuel d’assistance et du nombre d’activités suggérées ! Ne manquez pas ça ! Comme dirait Mike, pré-enregistrez-vous aujourd’hui !

BusFusion or Bust

Don’t forget that US Citizens now require a Passport Book or Passport Card to re-enter the USA. I don’t know what happens if you do forget. Maybe you will have to apply to stay in Canada.

Traveling from Quebec to Ontario or back does not require any special papers. 🙂

PETS – Bringing Fido or Ollie-cat? Proof of Rabies Vaccination and other health records are required. Search the web for details, don’t trust us, we are not the experts. Plus governments tend to change the rules every few days to keep us on our toes.

FREE CAMPING – I live almost within sight of the Ogdensburg, NY bridge. We have over an acre complete we a guest cabin so if you are coming early or leaving late you are welcome to camp free in Cardinal, ON. Paul C. Email Me for details

BusFusion 2010 Brochures

I took my wife to the Ottawa Airport last weekend but on the way we stopped for dinner.  What did we find in the parking lot?  A navy blue Vanagon from Manitoba.  So I promptly stuck a BusFusion brochure under the wiper blades and went into the restaurant.  We spend the next hour trying to figure out who the VeeDubbers were.   We have all heard of racial profiling but I figured we could do some Vanagon profiling.  Was is the young couple in the corner?  The old guy with the plaid shirt?  The guy with the beret?  (no it wasn’t Doug)  Maybe someone sitting at the bar?  Well our hour was up and I had to get Gail to the airport and still no one had left the restaurant/bar to get into the Vanagon.  An hour later I passed that way again and the van was still there.  Duh!  Then it struck me, the Vanagon pilots would be the last ones out of the bar.  How’s that for profiling? Well at least with our vehicles there is no need to drink and drive.  Just pop the top and take off in the morning.

Click here for you own copy of our brochure or click here for the en français version.

So spread the word, put a brochure under the wiper of any VW Buses or Vanagons (or even Eurovans) that you see.  The hard ones are the ones still moving. 😉

This formal complaint letter arrived via email from a regular BusFusion attendee and I thought we should share it with you.  Paul C


I stole the laptop while George & Jo were busy and checked out the Busfusion website.  While I realize I was the only cat at the 2009 Busfusion and I appreciate the inclusion of my picture at all (P.S. my other side is more photogenic), I must lodge a formal complaint.

I am at least as cute, and certainly older, not to mention a more finicky eater then those 2 small white dogs.  Yet my picture only comes around in the slide show once to their every 5 th or 6th appearance.

As we are now beginning to pack for the trip north, I am writing this so that we can make sure that there is cat/dog equity in both number of photos taken and equity in the display of such photos.

I wish you to understand how much this issue has inflamed me, as normally I am asleep 25 hrs a day, but I just *had* to wake up enough to express my displeasure.  Please understand I may chew on a few visitors to our van, if I judge them to be partly or wholly responsible for this debacle.


Atlanta, Georgia

NEW! Paint Your Own Kid’s T-Shirt

Well actually it is the kids that can paint their own BusFusion 2010 t-shirts.  But if you want why not paint a shirt for your kid.  In addition to our colourful adult t-shirts we will be having plain white t-shirts available with the BusFusion 2010 design in a black colouring book layout.  BusFusion will be providing FREE fabric paints to colour your own design.  However there will be a charge of $15 for the kids t-shirts.  Please email “economan (at) hotmail.com” to reserve or purchase your youth size shirts.  There will be a limited number of shirts for sale at the event but if you let us know in advance so you won’t miss out.


Nouveau ! Confectionnez votre propre T-Shirt pour enfant !

Présentement ce sont les enfants qui peuvent peinturer un T-Shirt BusFusion 2010 pour eux-même. Mais si vous le désirez, pourquoi ne pas en faire un  qui sera destiné votre progéniture ? En plus des T-Shirts de couleur pour adulte que nous vendons déjà, nous aurons une série de T-Shirts blanc avec le logo de BusFusion 2010 prêt à être enduit de couleur comme dans un livre à colorier. L’équipe de BusFusion vous fournira GRATUITEMENT de la peinture à textile pour réaliser votre premier concept sur gaminet. Il y aura un frais de $15.00 pour ces T-Shirts prêts à colorier. Envoyer un courriel à: economan”à”hotmail.com pour réserver ou acheter les T-SHirts en mentionnant les dimensions correspondantes à vos enfants. Il y aura quand même une quantité restreinte  mise en vente de ces T-Shirts donc si vous nous avertissez à l’avance, vous pourrez être certain d’en avoir un ou deux…