June 09 ~ 12, 2022

April 21, 2020

It with a sad heart that I must announce the cancellation of BusFusion 2020. We, the committee, have waited until now hoping that something would change that would allow us to go ahead with the event. It is now clear that will not be possible. Therefor since Eventbrite is willing to refund everyone at no further charge to us we have opted to let them do the refund. If we hold the funds and try to hold the event later in the year and it fails again, it may not be possible to do a refund at no cost. Refunds will be automatically sent to those that paid through Eventbrite, there is nothing you need to do. It could take 7 ~ 10 days for refund to be processed once the funds have reached their bank. We sent the funds to them yesterday. If you paid by some other means, Nellie, our Registrar, will be contacting you with information about your refund. I know this is a sad moment, but look to the future and hopefully we will have BusFusion again in 2021. Stay Healthy & Stay Safe !