June 09 ~ 12, 2022

BusFusion or Bust

Don’t forget that US Citizens now require a Passport Book or Passport Card to re-enter the USA. I don’t know what happens if you do forget. Maybe you will have to apply to stay in Canada.

Traveling from Quebec to Ontario or back does not require any special papers. 🙂

PETS – Bringing Fido or Ollie-cat? Proof of Rabies Vaccination and other health records are required. Search the web for details, don’t trust us, we are not the experts. Plus governments tend to change the rules every few days to keep us on our toes.

FREE CAMPING – I live almost within sight of the Ogdensburg, NY bridge. We have over an acre complete we a guest cabin so if you are coming early or leaving late you are welcome to camp free in Cardinal, ON. Paul C. Email Me for details