June 09 ~ 12, 2022

Please think in advance about what you would like to dye. You can tie-dye T-Shirts, socks, curtains for your bus or a pair of white shorts… We have had people tie-dye a dress and underwear too! The workshop has become very popular so we are asking that, in consideration for other dyers, each person apply their enthusiasm to a single article.


Bring your own item to tie-dye, for best results :

  • Made from natural fibers (Cotton, linen, hemp, viscose/rayon, silk)
  • If a mix of Poly/Cotton or sewn with polyester threads, the polyester might not dye.
  • 25 T-Shirts in a few sizes (kids and adults) will be offered for 5$, as long as quantities last.


All kids should be accompanied and helped by an adult.


Special note!!!  The dye we will be using is PERMANENT ; if it gets on your clothes it will be there for good (well, that is the idea). So wear something that you don’t mind if it becomes multicoloured. If gets on your skin, it will take a while and some effort to get it off (a few days).


We will provide Nitrile gloves. If you know that you have an allergy to Nitrile, please bring gloves that you know are OK for you. (Something you would use for washing dishes is good.)


Tie-Dye Workshop

Saturday 1 pm

Near the Hall entrance


If you want to volunteer, we would appreciate all help given as there is a lot to do! Contact John Wilson (Tie-Dye Organizer) or Niamh Conlan (Volunteers Organizer). You could help with :

  • (12:30) Helping mixing the dye and cleaning bottle afterwards. (messy)
  • (12:30) Helping setting tables outside and cleaning up afterwards. (physical)
  • Station 1 – Selling white Tshirts and give gloves.(clean)
  • Station 2 – Help soak/wring the clothing and tie elastics. (Clean but wet)
  • Station 3 – Help artists dye their design. (messy)
  • Station 4 – Give bags to wrap clothing and instructions for the reveal! (a bit messy)