June 09 ~ 12, 2022

Searching for Sero is a mental wellness project sponsored by GoWesty, Hunt Club VW and created by professional photographer, John Rathwell and writer, Tracy Guenard. Sero being short for serotonin– the chemical believed to contribute to the feeling of happiness.


The photo project shares the stories of people who are passionate about outdoor adventure as the key to happiness, well-being and balance in their lives. Stories are found on the road, via a 1991 Westy. John and Tracy just wrapped up leg one which took them across Canada from East to West and are now preparing the American leg before publishing a book.


All proceeds from the sale of their book will be donated to charities working in suicide prevention.


Website: www.searchingforsero.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/searchingforsero
Instagram: www.instagram.com/searchingforsero