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  • Zee says:

    All signed up for registry help. Hope to arrive Thursday afternoon. So excited. Zee 83.5 Riviera with 98 AAZ TD

  • The Linnenbrueggers says:

    Welcome to Almonte BusFusion!!

    As many of you are aware, we have numerous different events held in Almonte over the BusFsusion weekend and one of those great events is the 4th Annual Almonte Community Garage Sale! Many of you BuFusion attendees have become familiar with the Community Sale and have been repeat attendees over the past 3 years! This year we are raising the bar yet again & have expanded the Community Sale again this year to include many more streets along with the ever-growing Riverfront Estates development!

    Come on over to the Gale Subdivision & Riverfront Estates and check out our treasure for sale!

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at galesale@hotmail.com

    We really hope to see you this year, rain or (hopefully!!) shine!!!


    Saturday, June 9th

    Rain or Shine

    Come and check out the deals as the
    celebrate with a Community Garage Sale EXTRAVAGANZA!

    • 8am – 2pm •
    Community Garage Sale

    Featuring Great Deals & a BBQ!

    • A portion of proceeds to be donated to The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program (see http://www.therapeuticriding.ca) •

    Join us SATURDAY JUNE 9th for what’s sure to be day filled with something for everyone!!

    For more information contact:

    Hope to see some familiar faces again this year!!

  • Greg Burgess says:

    Well another great BUSFUSION behind us, we were thrilled with all the attention Sulley our 1964 slammed Double Door got. And for those of you who wanted to know the Boler trailer was tugged by our Beetle convertible, top up for aerodynamics.
    Great job by this years organizers and volunteers, cheers to a job well done.
    Thanks to you all for coming to Almonte.

  • Luc Brown says:

    Good morning Frank,We had a great-time at Busfushion this year and will be posting photos shortly. I mentioned to you that I may be able to assist with next year’s planning as well. I received notification today that my paypal payment of $71.10 was returned to my account, due to non-completion of the process at your end. I will assume that this may have happened with others as well. How should I get the payment to you.


  • Frankcondelli says:

    Luc, hi, glad you enjoyed yourselves. Regarding your PayPal payment. I never received notification of it so that’s the reason it was not processed. If sent to the correct address then there is no processing involved, the payment automatically goes into my PayPal account and I receive a merssage telling me that it’s there, that message never appeared. Please resend your payment along with the 3% PayPal fees to the correct address> busfusion@aol.com

  • Louise says:

    awesome !!!!!!
    totaly weird to see this bus in the bus movie during the back to the future scene.

  • Cheri LePage says:

    Hello Frank, Rita & Volks!

    This was our First Bus Fusion event…we dream of driving our own Westfalia across in time for this event next year…hope to make it happen for next year! In any case, thanks for all of you who organized such a great event! It was well worth the journey from the West Coast!
    There’s only one other person on the planet that I know can match Franks energy and partiability, and still be presentable at 8am the next morning, wows! You go Frank!
    Thanks to all of you who came up to meet us – we shared Franks table, and it was hard to get away, we hope to spend more time around the campfires next year!
    We made some new friends and connections! Please be sure to contact us, if any of you would like some below 20C temps…hope to see you soon!
    All in all it was a beautiful venue, a beautiful town which seemed to support the event wholeheartedly! And an awesome time!
    Our warmest Thanks to Frank & Rita for inviting us out!

    Cheri & Trevor
    The Skylight Gal & Guy

  • 91 WESTY says:

    We have just returned home to Batchawana Bay after hanging out with the gang at the WALLEYE WESTIES. Thanks for all the advice, and for all the entertainment.
    WE will be returning again with our 91 WESTY in 2013> Shaun Parent & SAndra Slater

  • Luc Brown says:

    Kim, Oliver and myself had a great time at the camp-out. It’s great to be in the company of similar bus enthusiasts.We are looking forward to other events.


    Luc Brown

  • Suzanne Adele says:

    Hi, I have sent several entries for the T-shirt contest and I would like to know if they have been received as the internet out our way is totally unreliable. If you have not received them please let me know and I will resend. Thank you. Suzanne

  • Frankcondelli says:

    Suzanne, all your entries have been received. We are working on getting them all up on the BusFusion site in one place where they can be voted on when the time comes. Stay tuned.


  • Hill Goldberg says:

    Hi there ,
    I have a problem . I want to enter the T shirt contest . I have a problem with my computer can someone tell me how I can mail it in ?
    Thanks a million .
    Hill Goldberg
    hill_goldberg@hotmail.com ( hooked to my i phone )

  • dishhack says:

    Le concours pour la conception de T-shirt BusFusion 2013 est officiellement fermé. Nous avons reçu 12 inscriptions dont 11 se retrouvent sur la page du concours T-shirt, la dernière entrée sera bientôt affichée dès que nous la recevrons par la poste. Le gagnant sera annoncé prochainement alors restez branchés. Merci à tous les participants: Andy Nicoll, Thomas Villeneuve, Eric Raymond, Hill Goldberg et Frannie Potts.

  • Zee says:

    Re: Ottawa’s June 21st Buses in the Buff. ❓ Does anyone know anythin about this event?. Someone suggested it’s a nudist meet n greet ❗ . Contact info would be greatly appreciated as planning my 2013 travelling season. Thanks Zee aka Scooby or Daizee

  • Zee says:

    Need contact info re Vanfest in Aylmer. All the links either don’t give details or they don’t have access to questions. It’s just that I am considering visiting some new gatherings this year, feel adventuresome. Need to know costs and is it more than a show? Thanks Zee

  • Zee says:

    Info contact re da caves Sept 6 to 8 in Warsaw, Ontario. Sorry to keep bothering with my requests but I don’t know where else to find info. THANKS

  • Frank Condelli says:

    As webmaster for the BusFusion website I can only publish what I have been given. The organizers of Da Caves have not given me any more details at this time. When I get that info it will be published here.

  • Frankcondelli says:

    Geila, we do not have that information. There are usually a few Rialtas but there is no way we would know that information in advance.

  • Natasha Bennett says:

    Hello everyone!
    I pre-registered but might not be able to attend.
    Hoping you are all having fun!

  • homepage says:

    “VW Events listing on the BusFusion website | BusFusion” was indeed a extremely excellent blog, .
    Continue posting and I will continue to keep reading through!
    Many thanks -Beverly

  • Frankcondelli says:

    Hi Bev, this is not really a Blog but a site where we run our BusFusion event from. Info out to participants and participants in to interac with other participants.

  • Marg Brunkard says:

    We think this sounds like alot of fun and interesting. Could you let me know when this event will take place in 2014. thank you mb

  • Frankcondelli says:

    Bit early is right. We do not yet have the dates set for 2015. Subscribe to BusFusion, on the Home page, upper right, and you will get news as it’s posted.