June 7 -10, 2018

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BusFusion is organized and run by volunteers. 



The 2018 committee members are:

EVERYONE – To email everyone on the list -> Email all the committee


Frank Condelli – Director general, sponsorship, website 

Rita Alanen- Finance and bookkeeping director 

Mike Cuff – Signage, Swag, T-shirt director 

Jenn Cuff – Puppy Parade director 

Eric Ley – Registration director and website assistant Email Eric

Nellie Surprenante –  Registration assistant & traslation
Jean Benoit –  Registration assistant & translation 
Jim Wallace – NLAS Liaison
Chris Moxen  –  NLAS Liaison assistant 
Chris Charby  –  NLAS Liaison assistant
Nancy Simpson – Volunteer coordinator 
Niamh Conlan – Volunteer coordinator assistant
Greg Potts – Music & Burrito Breakfast director 
Colleen Potts – Burrito Breakfast assistant 
Tammie Winsor – Children’s Activities director 
John – Tye Dying director
Bruce McConville –  Security director 
Nicholas Swandel – 50/50 Supervisor 


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