June 7 -10, 2018

Children’s Corner


In addition to the old favourites, tie-dye-workshop, the puppy-parade, and playing at the beach, join us for the following activities:


Westfalia Scavenger Hunt – Children will be given a sheet and asked to find specific Westfalias, for example, a red ’78, a van that has traveled 400000 km. If you would like your van to be included in the scavenger hunt, please send an email to Tammie Winsor with specific info about your van. Prizes will be awarded for this activity!


The Great Firefly Hunt – As soon as it is dark enough to spot them, the children will gather in the field Friday evening to try to find as many fireflies as they can. Please bring a container for the insects. A limited number of containers will be provided.


Geocaching – This is a fun hide and seek activity where special containers “geocaches” will be hidden just for BusFusion. All you have to do is plug in the GPS coordinates into your GPS (phone app) and then find the container. Once you find it, you can put a small item in and take one out, and sign the log book. A few GPSs will be available to borrow if you do not own one.


Kid’s Prize Draw – If you have a child attending BusFusion, please bring an item from home to contribute. The organizers will provide a few additional prizes – just in case! Prizes do not have to be very large, examples could include: chocolate bars, water bottles, Dollar Store type toys.


Things to bring from home:

  • GPS
  • A container for the fireflies
  • Small trinkets for geocaches: Dollar store type items
  • Item for the kid’s prize table: one per child

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