June 11 ~ 14, 2020

The “More VW Events” on the BusFusion website has recently been updated.  Please look it over and if you see any additions or corrections that are needed please contact us at BusFusion@aol.com  Thanks and Happy Camping in 2013

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  • Zee says:

    Re: Ottawa’s June 21st Buses in the Buff. ❓ Does anyone know anythin about this event?. Someone suggested it’s a nudist meet n greet ❗ . Contact info would be greatly appreciated as planning my 2013 travelling season. Thanks Zee aka Scooby or Daizee

  • Zee says:

    Need contact info re Vanfest in Aylmer. All the links either don’t give details or they don’t have access to questions. It’s just that I am considering visiting some new gatherings this year, feel adventuresome. Need to know costs and is it more than a show? Thanks Zee

  • Zee says:

    Info contact re da caves Sept 6 to 8 in Warsaw, Ontario. Sorry to keep bothering with my requests but I don’t know where else to find info. THANKS

  • Frank Condelli says:

    As webmaster for the BusFusion website I can only publish what I have been given. The organizers of Da Caves have not given me any more details at this time. When I get that info it will be published here.

  • homepage says:

    “VW Events listing on the BusFusion website | BusFusion” was indeed a extremely excellent blog, .
    Continue posting and I will continue to keep reading through!
    Many thanks -Beverly

  • Frankcondelli says:

    Hi Bev, this is not really a Blog but a site where we run our BusFusion event from. Info out to participants and participants in to interac with other participants.