June 11 ~ 14, 2020

Great weekend ! Thanks to everyone who helped ! Thanks to all the suppliers of the many door prizes. Thanks to all who came. Sorry for those that broke down and had accidents. Great “Bus Movie” screening. Great Pot-Luck ! Great Burrito Breakfast ! Great meeting up with Trevor & Cheri again, the Skylight Guy ! Just great ALL around ! I’m now recuperating ! Please post your photos to the BusFusion website.  Your faithful leader, Frank.

2 Responses to BusFusion 2012 – Sadly Over

  • Greg Burgess says:

    Well another great BUSFUSION behind us, we were thrilled with all the attention Sulley our 1964 slammed Double Door got. And for those of you who wanted to know the Boler trailer was tugged by our Beetle convertible, top up for aerodynamics.
    Great job by this years organizers and volunteers, cheers to a job well done.
    Thanks to you all for coming to Almonte.

  • Cheri LePage says:

    Hello Frank, Rita & Volks!

    This was our First Bus Fusion event…we dream of driving our own Westfalia across in time for this event next year…hope to make it happen for next year! In any case, thanks for all of you who organized such a great event! It was well worth the journey from the West Coast!
    There’s only one other person on the planet that I know can match Franks energy and partiability, and still be presentable at 8am the next morning, wows! You go Frank!
    Thanks to all of you who came up to meet us – we shared Franks table, and it was hard to get away, we hope to spend more time around the campfires next year!
    We made some new friends and connections! Please be sure to contact us, if any of you would like some below 20C temps…hope to see you soon!
    All in all it was a beautiful venue, a beautiful town which seemed to support the event wholeheartedly! And an awesome time!
    Our warmest Thanks to Frank & Rita for inviting us out!

    Cheri & Trevor
    The Skylight Gal & Guy