June 11 ~ 14, 2020

Volunteers are certainly needed to man the BusFusion registration desk Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Please consider volunteering for 1 or 2 hours.  Contact the registrar >Richard Dixon <dickd@sympatico.ca> to sign up.  Richard has a schedule set up and will find a place for you !

7 Responses to Volunteers needed to man the registration desk

  • Cheri LePage says:

    Hi Richard,

    Speak with Frank,

    I intend to be available to help him out with selling product etc…and I need some schmoozing time…but if Frank thinks he doesn’t need me somewhere else, you can count me in for more of the reg desk times.

    Also, we will be bringing some product to sell at the venue, I also want to offer some items for prize giveaways, do you do that at Bus Fusion or use any of these as fund raisers, silent auctions or the likes?

    Please visit our web site and see what you think would be most highly valued prizes. (with the exception of the canvasses as our inventory has not been replenished yet).


  • Frankcondelli says:

    Cheri, I thought I explained to you about BusFusion sponsorship. We solicite for Door Prizes which are drawn Sunday morning, see the Activities Schedule. You can give what you want as a door prize. The Skylight Guy is already listed as a Sponsor in the Sponsors List for BusFusion 2012.

  • Margaret de Carvalho says:

    We will be checking in on Thursday and I will be available to help if, where, & when needed.

  • Frankcondelli says:

    Margret, that’s great. We really appreciate your offer. Richard will look after fitting you in the schedule.

  • Mike and Shirley Beaudin says:

    Hi Frank… we are registered for this year’s busfusion… sent our money and application last week… we would like help out if you need volunteers… and we could do like last year and get there on the thursday… we can’t do heavy lifting, that’s the only caveat…


    Mike and Shirley Beaudin, 88 Westy

  • Zee says:

    All signed up for registry help. Hope to arrive Thursday afternoon. So excited. Zee 83.5 Riviera with 98 AAZ TD