June 09 ~ 12, 2022

BusFusion 2010 Brochures

I took my wife to the Ottawa Airport last weekend but on the way we stopped for dinner.  What did we find in the parking lot?  A navy blue Vanagon from Manitoba.  So I promptly stuck a BusFusion brochure under the wiper blades and went into the restaurant.  We spend the next hour trying to figure out who the VeeDubbers were.   We have all heard of racial profiling but I figured we could do some Vanagon profiling.  Was is the young couple in the corner?  The old guy with the plaid shirt?  The guy with the beret?  (no it wasn’t Doug)  Maybe someone sitting at the bar?  Well our hour was up and I had to get Gail to the airport and still no one had left the restaurant/bar to get into the Vanagon.  An hour later I passed that way again and the van was still there.  Duh!  Then it struck me, the Vanagon pilots would be the last ones out of the bar.  How’s that for profiling? Well at least with our vehicles there is no need to drink and drive.  Just pop the top and take off in the morning.

Click here for you own copy of our brochure or click here for the en français version.

So spread the word, put a brochure under the wiper of any VW Buses or Vanagons (or even Eurovans) that you see.  The hard ones are the ones still moving. 😉

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