June 11 ~ 14, 2020
This formal complaint letter arrived via email from a regular BusFusion attendee and I thought we should share it with you.  Paul C


I stole the laptop while George & Jo were busy and checked out the Busfusion website.  While I realize I was the only cat at the 2009 Busfusion and I appreciate the inclusion of my picture at all (P.S. my other side is more photogenic), I must lodge a formal complaint.

I am at least as cute, and certainly older, not to mention a more finicky eater then those 2 small white dogs.  Yet my picture only comes around in the slide show once to their every 5 th or 6th appearance.

As we are now beginning to pack for the trip north, I am writing this so that we can make sure that there is cat/dog equity in both number of photos taken and equity in the display of such photos.

I wish you to understand how much this issue has inflamed me, as normally I am asleep 25 hrs a day, but I just *had* to wake up enough to express my displeasure.  Please understand I may chew on a few visitors to our van, if I judge them to be partly or wholly responsible for this debacle.


Atlanta, Georgia

4 Responses to Formal Complaint

  • Olliecat says:

    I, too, dislike formal people. I, however, am a *cat* and we are always formal! Please note that I got my belly fur knots shaved for this trip.

  • Kestrel says:

    “Olliecat – Stick to the plan. First we take BusFusion, then we take Almonte. Kats Rule!”



  • Olliecat says:


    Altho Jo & George are hard at work trying to get us there, it’s been a struggle. First it was the delayed awning piece, then the 2 blowouts and having to order new tires and now, would you believe it’s the new (new) engine? Being a VW, I find it hard to fathom mechanical trouble.

    I don’t like this motel room nearly as well as the Red Roof, but I am holding up my end of the trip by sleeping all the time, as per usual. I have decided to only drink absolutely fresh water drawn only be George while I watch him do it. I figure that should raise the agro level a tish. And since we’re in Virginia, it’s hot so they are worrying about me frying.

    I hope to see you soon, Kestrel.