June 11 ~ 14, 2020

“Busfusion Emails”

Thank you for subscribing to the Busfusion website. Any time we post anything on the NEWS page you will receive an email the next day with a copy of the post. However we now have two editors, one for English and one for French. We do not want to make a mirrored site in both languages so some things may be in both languages and some not. This is not a static site; it will grow as long as we make the effort to continue adding new content. But it is a two way street. Please feel free to comment or email us with suggestions. The NEWS posts will usually be in English with French to follow if it is something that we feel should be translated. See you in June.

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“Les courriels envoyés par BusFusion”

Merci pour vous avoir enregistrer sur le site de BusFusion. À toute les fois que nous ajouterons de l’information sur la page des nouvelles, vous recevrez un courriel le jour suivant avec un copie de celle-ci. À noter que nous avons maintenant deux éditeurs, un pour l’anglais et l’autre pour le français. Nous ne voulions pas faire un site miroir en deux langues alors certains envois seront dans les deux langues, d’autres pas. Ce n’est pas un site statique ! Il grossit en autant que nous faisons l’effort de continuer à l’alimenter. Mais cela n’est pas à sens unique…   Sentez-vous bien à l’aise de commenter ou nous envoyer un courriel avec vos suggestions. La plupart des nouvelles vont sortir d’abord en anglais et le français suivra en autant que nous sentons le besoin de les traduire. On se revoit au mois de juin !

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5 Responses to Busfusion Emails / Les courriels envoyés par BusFusion

  • jim keegan says:

    Hi from not so warm Sunny Florida! We’re here for the week (the Daytona 500!). If you’re in the area, NEXT weekend is the WinterJam – a big VW show in the Daytona Bch. area. Last year we were down for that. We were lucky enough to win the Best Stock H2O cooled. It was spectators voting. It’s quite a large show.
    Alot of great cars! There’s also an air cooled show on the beach in Daytona.

    Just online today putting dates on the calendar to go up to our friends in Canada for their shows. Have not been to Bus Fusion yet (usually only make it up for the June Jitterbug). Would love to hear how you think we would drive up to it. For the show at Niagra, we usually take the NYS thruway all the way up from NJ.
    Anyone have an idea how long it would take?

    Hope all is well with everyone –

    The Keegans
    ’02 Tornado Red Eurovan

  • PaulC says:

    Hi Jim,

    Busfusion is a three hour drive north of Syracuse, NY. But allow extra time for sight seeing at the Thousand Islands (Alexandria Bay) on your way through.

    Paul C.

  • Zee says:

    Hi. Alas my Westy is up for sale and (it) may be moving to Almonte area. I will be buying a Vanagon Country Home (84). As a single (not looking) retired health care professional, I’d be interested in joining up with Vanagon like minded addicts. Can you get back to me with any information you think I will find helpful.

    I am contemplating a 2 to 3 mth trip to Newfoundland this summer but would be interested in any other kind of meet. Thanks

    Zee (short for Zelda)

  • PaulC says:

    Hi Zee,

    Make sure you subscribe to our site (upper right hand corner) to stay up to date on Busfusion. It is a lot of fun. As one camper once said, “laying awake, 4AM, surround by 150 VW Buses, priceless”.

    Also check out the ‘links’ in the sidebar. Many more to be added soon. Lots of great VW camps in Southern Ontario, New York State (and even Quebec)!

  • Zee says:

    oops sorry I bought an 83.5 Vanagon L Riviera Model 9(pop top) 1.9L TD conversion. Hopefully will be on road by end of April.

    Sold my 84 Westy to a young fellow in downtown Toronto.